IIAM Peace Forum

IIAM Peace Forum is an opportunity for people from different walks of life to form regional Forums to share ideas and develop strategies for conflict prevention, peacemaking and peace building. The primary aim and goal is to promote peace into major areas of human life, from community activities to peaceful families and create a harmonious society.


Justice is the foundation and object of any civilized society. The object of every society is to ensure continued peaceful co-existence among the people as well the maintenance of equilibrium and growth of the society as a whole.

We know that conflict is a part of life. There is no conflict without emotion. Behind almost every human conflict someone feels dismissed, discounted, disenfranchised or disrespected. Unresolved tensions that may have simmered below the surface can resurface and make situations difficult. Even if angry words are not spoken, an appearance of “peace” may not be truly peaceful at all. Underneath the still waters, there may be a turbulent bed of emotions. Therefore there can be no resolution of a conflict without addressing the underlying emotions that gave rise to it and sustained it. Collaborative partnerships and consensual resolutions help parties find an authentic peace. Recent studies have found that emotions and state of mind have a powerful effect on physical as well as mental health. Everyone has differing points of view, and we all need to figure out how to live with each other.


Our vision is a community that is able to unite in order to solve conflicts and overcome challenges. We envision the future in which people will “LIVE AND HELP LIVE”, i.e.,

♥ Live in peace and harmony based on trust and respect towards each other;

♥ Help to overcome obstacles and divisions by building relationships by cooperating and collaborating rather than fighting and competing.


Our mission is to empower and facilitate reconciliation among the people, create a platform to build partnerships; foster empathy and create a society with a positive attitude. The mission is to:

♦ Focus on the future and reconcile relationships;

♦ Utilize law as a modality not only for resolving problems, but for healing and helping and enabling everyone to live and work together in peace;

♦ Transform our conflictual society into a collaborative, problem-solving one, with a more tolerant, understanding people;

♦ Develop new ways of thinking and create positive energy to assist in community building and affirmation;

♦ Fashion a better world for all that is healthy, diverse, creative, and respectful of human rights and values.

Join the Peace Forum

The IIAM Peace Forums can be started by a group of people, who share a common vision of Peace building.

Please Forums can also be started by schools and colleges with a view to promote conflict management through non-violent communication. It helps the student volunteers to enhance their leadership qualities.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”, the words may not be the same, but a similar philosophy exists in all religions. Reconciliation, love and peace have enormous moral, spiritual and ethical value.

Joining the Peace Forum, not only create the sense of fulfilling the social responsibility, but also create a feeling of elation in partnering a long term process of positive social transition in India. It gives a feeling of satisfaction and a meaning to your lives. Members of the Peace Forum become Ambassadors for Peace by seeking not only to affirm these ideals but to put them into practice.

As Mahatma Gandhi has said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Let us jointly take part in this exiting attempt of social transition to make our world a safe, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous place to live.